Thank you Tasmanian Times; you just made my day! I worked with Patti in New York in the 60s. What a character!

Rocker Patti Smith takes nonfiction prize at National Book Awards: Patti Smith, the legendary rocker with a celebrity star power not often seen at literary events, received a National Book Award on Wednesday night for “Just Kids,” a memoir of her close relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe .,0,5196901.story

Check out this review:

Patti used to read her latest poems to us in the tea room in the basement in Scribner’s.

She was wise then too. And as an artist she just keeps getting better. Politically we have followed some of the same paths in the last 45 years… she has supported Ralph Nader’s campaigns and we have both supported the Greens. No doubt we will continue to make a disturbance!

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Elizabeth Perey
Patti Smith