The letter from Sunny Fitz Nead posted on Tasmanian Times on 14/08/2010 at 12:14pm ( Comment 19 on the article, Abetz, Integrity and the Law, HERE ) poses some very interesting questions:

1. Is it within the law for an Electoral Officer to alter or add to a nomination form submitted by a “Minister/Senator” or for that matter any other candidate; once the nomination form is submitted surely the candidate loses control of the contents, if not he must surely make the alterations in his own hand.

2. Further if the alteration is incorrect does this invalidate the nomination form.

3. Who instructed or what communication or records are there between Abetz and the AEC to allow this alteration to be made to his nomination form, a form presumably already submitted under his signature.

4. Is the number T02078616 his Electoral Roll number? if so, this is not available to the general public. From where and by whom was it obtained and why is this numerical addition to the nomination form not initialled?

5. When was the numerical addition added:
a) was it done after the receipt of the nomination form by the AEC and before the nominations were declared and was it done at the request of a Minister of the Crown to legalize the document?
b) was it done after nominations were declared, as a result of an observation by a bystander when the nomination forms were publicly displayed and before the election was held to legalise the document.
c) was it done after Abetz was elected to legalise the document.
d) was it done to satisfy my enquiry over nomination forms to legitimize the document, but only to the photocopy and not the original?

6. Is the nomination form as submitted by Abetz and now altered by the AEC invalid?

7. Is this now a Federal Police matter when the Electoral Office tampers with a candidate’s nomination form, and will it involve parties other than the AEC.

8. Tasmanian Times readers with expertise in this matter should feel free to comment.


Abetz, the Senate and the Court of Disputed Returns