Transend provided this as an overhead at a business Energy Conference at end of 2009.

It seems this is wishful thinking on their part, but they do intend to be the owner operator if it eventually goes ahead.

The preferred option would be to bypass King Island; however there appears to be a secondary option for it to partly go across land on King Island, perhaps for the advantage of linking in with wind power on the island?


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Power price cap promised amid financial woes

Tasmania’s Treasurer has admitted he was aware Aurora Energy was under financial pressure when Labor made an election promise to cap electricity price rises.

Today in a Budget Estimates hearing Mr Aird faced two hours of questioning from the Opposition and Greens on when the Government became aware Aurora energy was in serious financial difficulty.

The Government has blamed Aurora’s plight for its change of heart on the price cap.

Mr Aird told the committee he was aware of some financial difficulties but believed the promise was achievable until he received new advice in late April.

Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein asked whether Aurora board members warned Mr Aird during a January meeting.

When Mr Gutwein insisted: “They did give you a heads up”, Mr Aird replied: “They didn’t.”

The Head of Treasury, Don Challen, said his Department had no issue with the February promise based on the information it held at the time.

Mr Challen said he expects a rosier future for Aurora than current predictions.