Come along to Hobart Bookshop on Thursday 13th May at 5:30pm where Dr Peter Hay will introduce a talk by Sharyn Munro, author of two endearing, amusing, informative and inspiring books, The Woman on the Mountain and Mountain Tails

Sharyn lives on a remote mountain top in New South Wales, 90 minutes from the nearest town, sharing her wildlife refuge only with her wild animal neighbours, in an arrangement where she is ‘less important than a fence post’.

Regenerating its rainforest gullies, growing her vegetables and baking bread, she lives in a solar-powered mudbrick cabin, and at 62, mostly manages to survive there alone, although not without struggles, both humorous and inspiring.

She extends her environmental concerns far beyond her own idyllic refuge. A late-blooming activist, Sharyn uses her talent for words to reach beyond the converted to help achieve a better future for her grandchildren – and yours.

In The Woman on the Mountain, sustainability and climate change are woven seamlessly into its selective memoir, and Mountain Tails has threatened species as its underlying theme.

She believes that we are only helpless in shaping the world we leave behind if we stop trying.

Sharyn is an award-winning short story writer, blogger ( and regular writer for The Owner Builder magazine. She is currently researching for a book on people coping with the methods and impacts of coal mining.

THE WOMAN ON THE MOUNTAIN – ‘A complete treat, this book is daring and heroic’. Island Magazine
‘…before you know it her deft prose has drawn you to her evening hearth. You are with her on the mountain. You are cheering on her impassioned manifesto for the land and its rich, embattled mesh of life. And you know you are reading a book that might change your life.’ Dr Peter Hay
MOUNTAIN TAILS – This delightful ‘collection’gives a lively and personal account of the animals that share the author’s wildlife refuge… Read about romping joeys, quolls in the kitchen and marsupial mice in the bedding pile. It would be enjoyed by anyone with even a passing interest in the natural world and is the sort of book to while away a winter afternoon. ABC Gardening Australia August 2009 – Denis Crawford.

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