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If you would like to support us in our work defending the ocean’s wildlife by donating vegan food (no animal products, milk, whey, eggs or honey) we need lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as the following staples and treats:

Coconut cream

Tofu (all types) & Tempeh


Nutritional yeast

Vanilla essence

Raw sugar

Oils: olive, vegetable & sesame

Vinegars: apple cider, balsamic & rice


Kikoman soy sauce



Brown & wild rice


Pickeld ginger & gherkins

Filo & puff pastry

Cooking chocolate (vegan)

Icing sugar

Egg replacer


Agave & maple syrups


Corn starch

Gram (chickpea) flour

Spelt flour

Nuts & seeds

Dried fruit

Fresh and dried herbs

Juice & soft drinks

Tofutti vegan cream cheese

Muesli & Rice Krispies

Rice milk

Nut milk (eg almond milk)

Soy milk

We require many other items, including meat and dairy replacement products and dried beans and legumes ( eg black bean, kidney bean, red/puy lentils etc.)

Supermarket vouchers are always helpful.

We would like to encourage people to shop as ethically as possible (i.e. local)

For more information contact: Gemma or Amber on: 0416 850 169

Treats such as corn chips, vegan chocolate & soy ice cream are always welcome.

We’re also in need of sharp galley (kitchen) knives and knife sharpeners as well as latex gloves (size small).

We are unforutnately not open for tours as we are situated in a secure dock, but as soon as we are able to move somewhere more public we’d be glad to give you a tour!

For further info: join or donate: www.seashepherd.org