TASMANIA”S Parliament will finally be recalled for the first time since early December last year on May 4 – but only for three days at the most.

Premier David Bartlett said last week that he planned to recall Parliament for a short period to deal with the Liberals’ expected no-confidence motion in the Government.

A spokesman for Mr Bartlett said yesterday that the May 4 session would also be used to elect the speaker of the House of Assembly, which is also expected to attract more interest this time around than in the past 12 years.

The current Speaker, Labor Lyons MHA Michael Polley, has already announced that his party has endorsed him as its candidate to contest the secret ballot.

Lyons Liberal MHA Rene Hidding was put forward as his party’s candidate for the job soon after it was announced that Governor Peter Underwood had instructed Mr Bartlett to form a minority government.

It is understood that the three Greens MHAs who are not tied to the Labor Party, like their leader Nick McKim and Denison Greens MHA Cassy O’Connor, are still considering whether to endorse one of themselves as the Greens’ candidate for the speaker’s position.

It is believed that Lyons Greens MHA Tim Morris, who topped the poll in his electorate, would think seriously about such a position.

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