Media release April 27, 2010
Mental patient challenges abuse

“The case of mental health patient Saeed Dezfouli shows an appalling abuse of power masked as health care,” said JA Coordinator Brett Collins. “This degrades us all. I am proud to stand beside another vulnerable citizen subjected to government misbehaviour, even more embarrassing to the community than the Ferguson case. I am now Saeed’s Primary Carer and supporting his Supreme Court challenge.”

“Saeed presents no threat to the community. He needs support. When police ignored his distress for five months, he lit a fire in his workplace to draw attention – as he said he would. The fire escape was locked and a woman died of smoke inhalation. This would never have happened with proper health and police intervention” said Mr Collins.

“Despite being a non-violent patient, he has been held in the highest security cell for eight years. He is forcibly injected every fortnight, is refused a choice of psychiatrist, education and exercise, and is not permitted visitors who haven’t previously physically touched him. Compassion, the Mental Health Act s.68 rights and international treaties are ignored” said Mr Collins.

“The expenditure of $200,000 a year for his treatment and $1million a cell at the new Long Bay Forensic Hospital amounts to corruption. The lack of complaint from those around shows how widespread is the abuse and how compromised are those participating in the health system” said Mr Collins.

“We have a job and home for Saeed, and will continue the JA Mentoring relationship which is funded by Breakout DesignPrintWeb. We call on the Attorney General to support Saeed’s Supreme Court challenge on May 3” said Mr Collins.

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