Media Release 19/3/2010

Hope for more constructive approach to environment in new parliament

Leading Tasmanian environment groups are hoping for a much more constructive and solutions based approach from all 3 political parties to delivering the protection of Tasmania’s natural environment and new jobs in sustainable industries.

They point to the election result as an indication of a clear desire from the Tasmanian community for solutions to the issues that have divided Tasmanians for too long.

“Tasmania’s economic future is integrally tied up with the protection of our natural environment, and the election delivered a clear message that Tasmanians are sick of the divisive old-style politics that pits the environment against jobs,” said Dr Phill Pullinger, Director of Environment Tasmania, “We are very hopeful that with the injection of new blood and new ideas into parliament, that all 3 political parties will be able to work together much more constructively than they have in the past on the delivery of solid outcomes for the protection of Tassie’s outstanding natural environment,”

“We need a fresh approach to finding solutions to the conflicts over forestry & the environment in Tasmania that delivers both the protection of our native forests & the creation of a secure and vibrant future for our timber industry. We are very encouraged by signs that the new parliament will play a much more constructive role in looking to finding solutions to these critical issues that have divided Tasmanians for too long,” said Paul Oosting, spokesperson for The Wilderness Society.
Dr Phill Pullinger, Environment Tasmania