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Christianity Alongside Islam

Acorn Press has just published Bishop John Wilson’s book Christianity Alongside Islam.

Acorn is a small publishing company that exists to publish thoughtful books written from a Christian perspective with the general market in mind. We recently published a book on human rights. (see www.acornpress.net.au)

Dr Peter Riddell, Professorial Dean of the Centre for the study of Islam and Other Faiths in Lilydale in Victoria, says of Christianity Alongside Islam, “Dr John Wilson’s book succeeds in digesting a vast amount of information about both Christianity and Islam and presenting it in a way that is very accessible to non-speciality readers. The book is comprehensive in detail but very readable in style. Christianity Alongside Islam will undoubtedly assist the urgent task of informing Christians and non-Christian Westerners about Islam.”
Revd Paul Arnott State Director CMS – Victoria Inc.

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