The Save TWS Committee and TWS Campaign Centres have called on The Management Committee of TWS Inc and The Executive Director, Alec Marr, to resign immediately following the release of a damning judgment today about their conduct in holding a secretive Annual General Meeting on November 5, 2009. This judgment was delivered in the Tasmanian Supreme Court this morning by Justice Evans.

The Justice made the following comments:

“During 2009 it became apparent that some members of the Society were dissatisfied with the performance of the Committee and some employees of the Society. This dissatisfaction prompted members of the Committee and some employees of the Society to take steps calculated to frustrate any attempt by dissatisfied members to change the membership of the Committee. The culmination of these steps was the holding of a purported annual general meeting of the Society on 5 November 2009, without the knowledge of the dissatisfied members… (p2: cl9)”

“The subterfuge in relation to the meeting of 5 November 2009 was blatant to the point of dishonesty. This is demonstrated by the letter, set out below, from Alec Marr, the Executive Director of the Wilderness Society, to Dr Timothy Seelig, the Campaign Manager of the Wilderness Society Queensland.” (p7: cl22)

A Special General Meeting of The Wilderness Society has been called by members to propose the election of a new and trusted Management Committee for this Sunday, 2nd of May 2010 in Canberra. The TWS Inc Management Committee is seeking an injunction against this meeting in the Tasmanian Supreme Court this afternoon.

“This judgment vindicates and strengthens the call for the immediate resignation of the senior leadership of the Wilderness Society Inc.”

“The immediate resignation of the senior leadership would be the best way to end the damage being done to the organisation and to restore its integrity and enable it to get on with the important work of campaigning to protect Australia’s natural environment.”

Vica Bayley, on behalf of The Wilderness Society Campaign Centres in Queensland, Newcastle, Sydney, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania
Geoff Law, Honourary Life Member and Save TWS Committee
Vica Bayley, Geoff Law