In announcing his new Cabinet, David Bartlett stated that the inclusion of Green in Cabinet indicated it was a “new era for Tasmanian politics”. But the powerful economic and resources ministries have remain firmly within the grip of Labor stalwarts.

Bartlett has relinquished the education portfolio but taken on a new portfolio of Innovation, Science and Technology. Greens Leader Nick McKim has been made Minister for five portfolios including as Minister for Climate Change and Minister for Sustainable Transport and Alternative Energy. Michelle O’Byrne has relinquished the Parks and Wildlife portfolio and taken on Heath and Tourism. David O’Byrne, Labor’s only new minister, has been allocated four new portfolios including as Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage.

Bryan Green, who was quaintly described by Bartlett as a “returning minister”, has been allocated six portfolios including the powerful roles as Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Minister for Energy and Resources and Minister for Planning.

The Legislative Council member, Mike Gaffney, who had been considered for a possible Ministerial role, has been left on the sidelines.

Bartlett’s Ministry and members filling associated roles is:

David Bartlett: Premier and Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology
Lara Giddings: Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Infrastructure
Michael Aird: Treasurer, Minister for Industry
Bryan Green: Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister for Local Government, Minister for Planning, Minister for Racing, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
Nick McKim: Minister for Human Services, Minister for Corrections and Consumer Protection, Minister for Community Development, Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Sustainable Transport and Alternative Energy
David O’Byrne: Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Minister for Workplace Relations, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Hospitality, Minister for Sport and Recreation
Michelle O’Byrne: Minister for Health, Minister for Tourism,
Lin Thorp: Minister for Education and Skills, Minister for Children, Minister for Police and Emergency Management
Cassy O’Connor: Secretary to Cabinet
Doug Parkinson: Leader for the Government in the Legislative Council

Outside Cabinet
Brenton Best: Parliamentary Secretary for the North Western Economy (working to the Premier)
Brian Wightman: Parliamentary Secretary for the Northern Economy (working to the Premier)
Rebecca White: Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business (working to the Deputy Premier)
Scott Bacon: Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury (working to the Treasurer)

What Nick McKim says:

Nick McKim MP
Greens Leader
The Tasmanian Greens said that today’s swearing in of the nation’s first Green Minister is an exciting and historic milestone which delivers on the Greens pledges on stable government and propositional politics.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that he acknowledgeS that his Ministerial responsibilities will be a challenge and present a steep learning curve, and that he intends to work hard every day to make these new arrangements a success.

Mr McKim has been allocated the following Ministerial portfolios:

§ Sustainable Transport and Alternative Energy

§ Climate Change

§ Human Services

§ Community Development

§ Corrections and Consumer Protection

“I am deeply honoured to be sworn in as a Minister, and I pledge to work hard every day to use this opportunity to deliver on Greens’ policies, and focus on good outcomes for all Tasmanians,” Mr McKim said.

“Having a Minister and a Cabinet Secretary provides the Greens with a unique opportunity to use seats at the Cabinet table, and the responsibility over sections of government departments, to deliver outcomes based on Greens’ policies.”

“As Minister for Sustainable Transport I am very excited about the possibility of forging ahead with light rail in Hobart.”

“I also intend to focus on energy efficiency in our public housing stock to drive power bills down for Housing Tasmania tenants, which will be part of the Greens delivering on our pledges to reduce the cost of living for Tasmanians struggling to make ends meet.”

“The Climate Change portfolio also provides exciting possibilities to drive a new green economy for Tasmania, and position Tasmania as a global leader in responding to climate change.”

“I am also very excited to be given responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs and look forward to meeting with stakeholders to develop policy in a consultative way.”