Premier Bartlett has gambled his electoral hopes on health, promising to spend half a billion on buying Hobart Private Hospital and adding it to the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Yet he seems little concerned about the possibility of widespread poisoning of Tasmania’s drinking water, questioning Alison Bleaney’s motives (Bartlett shoots the messenger, HERE).

Nor has he said anything on perhaps the sleeping health horror story of them all—the superbug dangers implicit in Tassal’s abuse of antibiotics in its salmon farms.

First reported by Conor Duffy on the 7.30 Report last year (HERE), it was there revealed that Tassal use tonnes of antibiotics to keep its fish alive.

The Tasmanian government was typically silent on the matter.

But what actions will David Bartlett take if Tasmanians start dying of superbug staph infections in consequence, as happened with similar antibiotic abuse in agri-business in the USA?

Duffy’s report did not go into the extraordinary public health risk antibiotic abuse in farming represents.

This latest story from the New York Times does: HERE