JOAN IS FROM the rough west coast of Tasmanian and raised in Moonah.

Buck was raised in a dirty steam locomotive railroad town of the 30s and 40s.

We both have been around more than a bit. Tough language, while not ours, is part of life. But wait a minute. We have been told to expect a bit more from our politicians! Is this language just more abuse?

We do not support Gutwien and are actively seeking to get him another employer. Not tough…just politics. Fact is, Gutwein is a member for Bass. We live in Bass. He is supposed to represent us.

Here is the story …

Peter Gutwein told us, in no uncertain terms to not seek any help from him. Buck answered his retort with this 13 Mar 09 email, “Peter, you have NO choice You HAVE to represent our ideas…such as on the Dilston By Pass. You are our representative and we are in basic agreement with your views.”

To this Mr Gutwien answered, on March 13, 09, “Buck and Joan, You have made it clear you are interestred in ending my career not having me represent you. As we both understand that this is the case please don’t bother me again. Either personally or professionally. Kind regards, Peter

OK he is angry with us and does not like how we are ‘interested in ending his career’…true, we are. But that is called politics. We are also interested in ending the career of a whole raft of incumbent pollies.

That is also called politics. Peter should know. He owned a few bars.

We answered, somewhat satirically, “We thought you were supposed to represent the voters of Bass of which we are two.”

We signed it, “Warm hugs and cuddles, Buck and Joan”

To which Peter added on that same day:

13 March “Buck and Joan, I do understand the rough and tumble of politics and as it is implicit in your comment that you do as well. I am sure my comments will not offend you. Piss off and stop threatening me. Kind regards as alwlays (Peter’s spelling error), Peter.”

We know that our being in charge of the Voters’ Block of TAP and getting 23,000 people to sign a petition saying they would not vote for people like Gutwin and we guess that is what got up his nose.

We ARE trying to get him to find another employer! Great deduction Peter.

You do not have to apologize Peter, we have Snapper Sturges and Paul Lennon and Lisa Singh to keep us abreast of the naughty no-no words…plus a few others.

As teachers of many decades we just wish you would wash your mouth out with soap! It is not healthy to eat with a dirty mouth!

NOTE: The offending emails were also sent to Will Hodgman who, of course, did not answer the email.