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The Bishop of Tasmania John Harrower will launch John Wilson’s book Christianity Alongside Islam at 8pm on Tuesday 13 April at Glen Waverley Anglican Church, 800 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley.

The book, which is the fruit of ten years research, is an honest critique of Islam and Christianity and their impact on today’s world.

John Wilson asserts that Christianity and Islam both have a crucial role to play in the future of Western civilization.

He writes, “The book aims to challenge Christians, Muslims and even those without any profession of religious faith to consider afresh the foundations on which they stand and the content of their lives.”

Bishop Wilson asserts that Muslims and Christians alike must face the conflicts that currently divide our world with honesty and the courage to bring about real and lasting change.

He believes that, “Ignorance is not going to help us through the present crisis and to build a better world and better lives. It is written with the conviction that no person should count themselves as educated without a basic understanding of the core teachings of both Islam and Christianity.”
Bishop John Wilson