Dear Editor

Anyone concerned with the subject of food security will be interested in the film Honey Bee Blues which had an advance screening on 14/3 at the State Cinema.

Bee populations in every country in the world except Australia are being decimated by a blood sucking and virus carrying mite. This puts the 30-40% of our foods which are dependent on pollination services provided by bees at risk.

The film features Tasmanian apiarist Julian Wolfhagen who outlines the threats to our bees related to habitat loss, in particular the clear felling of leatherwood containing native forests in the Southern Forests, aerial spraying of poorly labeled bee killing insecticides and monocultural agribusiness.

Albert Einstein is credited with the prophesy that ” if bees are wiped out we have four years left”.

On a positive note the film maker described an educational and social event to which politicians and journalists were invited guests. The magnificent meal to which they were treated was all bee dependent. After the film was shown.

Apparently a way to a policy maker’s heart and mind can be through their stomach.

Frank Nicklason

West Hobart