The Tasmanian Greens today queried why 3000 residents of the North East are still without the full services of Dr Paul McGinity almost a year to the day after the Doctor was suspended by the Medical Council of Tasmania, leaving his 3000 patients in the lurch after 32 years of uninterrupted practice.

Greens member for Bass, Kim Booth MP, said Bartlett Labor is telling Tasmanians that it is prioritising health in this election, but one year after the suspension of Dr McGinity Labor have still done nothing about the situation, and the Doctor is still unable to work after-hours or offer home visits.

“It is deplorable that a year has gone by, with more than half the original 21 allegations dismissed, and yet Dr McGinity’s practice is still restricted and he can only provide half a service,” said Mr Booth.

“In August last year, the Tasmanian Greens called for a full Parliamentary Inquiry into the allegations against Dr McGinity, his subsequent suspension, and the incompetent management of the situation by the Minister for Health, however the irregularities enshrouding this case now continue to fester.”

“Why has the Medical Council of Tasmania refused extra resources from the Health Minister to complete their investigation? Is the Labor government prioritising their so-called National Health Reforms over and above the health of the North East community?”

“The community should not have to bear the collateral damage of an incompetent Minister for Health, or the poor relationship between her department and the Medical Council of Tasmania.”

Mr Booth also said that the Tasmanian Greens will continue to pressure the State government to urgently act to protect the health and safety of the 3000 patients of Dr Paul McGinity, whilst working to clear the record of Dr McGinity, and allowing him to once again work after-hours and carry out home visits.

“The lack of care or action from the Labor Government and their Minister of Health is appalling and the people of the North East will not forget,” said Mr Booth.
Kim Booth MP Greens Member for Bass