Media Statement

4 March 2010

Minister for Tourism and the Arts

$12.8 Million for Three Capes Track

The Minister for Tourism and the Arts, Michelle O’Byrne, today announced that Labor will invest $12.8 million to establish the Three Capes Track, giving Tasmania another of Australia’s top walking experiences.

Ms O’Byrne said this was in addition to the Federal Government’s $12.5 million in-principle funding, and would go directly into the Three Capes Track to boost tourism, grow the local economy and generate jobs.

“The Three Capes walk will stretch about 70km, following the southern coast of the Tasman Peninsula between White Beach and Fortescue Bay.

“The five-night, six-day hut-based walk will take in the dramatic and rugged scenery of the three capes in the Tasman National Park – Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar and Cape Raoul.

“It will transform the Tasman National Park as a destination, delivering massive gains for the local and State economy through increased tourism.

“Economic modelling done on the Three Capes Track shows that every year about 10,000 people will do the overnight hut-based walk and many more additional day walkers will also use the track.

“A recent Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania study found that the economic benefits of additional day walkers using the track could deliver up to $188 million to our economy every year, and 1563 jobs by 2017.

“It also found that the economy of the Tasman Peninsula could grow by up to $43 million a year with an additional 323 jobs.

“Because this study only looked at the benefits of day walkers, the overall benefits are likely to be even greater when overnight walkers are also considered.”

Ms O’Byrne said Labor was committed to investing in tourism as a major driver of the State’s economic strength.

“Labor is proud that Tasmania’s reputation as a holiday destination is continuing to grow.

“Our tourism growth under Labor has been phenomenal, setting new records in terms of the number of visitors coming to our State, the total nights stayed and the total amount of money they spent.

“Tourism generates about $1.8 billion to our economy, providing direct employment to about 14,000 Tasmanians and indirect employment to a further 11,000.

“Labor knows how important our tourism industry is, and we are determined to continue developing new experiences that provide more opportunities for businesses to invest, and grow more jobs for Tasmanians.

“Already there is significant private sector interest in the Three Capes Track for a guided and hut-based walking experience, demonstrating strong confidence in the project and real market demand for what is sure to become a signature Tasmanian walking experience.

“The Three Capes Track will further add to Tasmania’s tourism brand, complementing Australia’s premier alpine walking experience, the Overland Track, and other renowned visitor attractions such as Wineglass Bay and Cradle Mountain.

“Only Labor will continue giving tourists more and more reasons to come to Tasmania, and only Labor will ensure that our reputation as a high-quality destination will continue to grow, supporting business and providing jobs,” Ms O’Byrne said.

Authorised by J. Dowling for the ALP Level 2, 63 Salamanca Pl, Hobart
Michelle O’Byrne