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The Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania (THMTT) have today launched their Election Policy in the lead up to the March State election.

Members of the Taskforce have today taken their election campaign to the streets with a banner calling on Tasmanians to “Say No To Labor”.

Spokesperson for the Taskforce Kay Seltitzas today said ” We have no doubt that there has been a cover up on the heavy metal poisoning of residents in Rosebery and that the Government is responsible for this.

The Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce have developed an Election Policy that outlines action required by the next Government to rectify the mistakes of the current Labor Government on the serious health issues caused by heavy metal poisoning for some residents in Rosebery:

1. The Taskforce want an apology from a new Government (about) alleged non cooperation by residents in previous investigations conducted by DHHS and EPAs and their appalling treatment of those residents and others (we say were) excluded from the investigation.

2. The Taskforce want a new Government to establish an Independent Population Based Health and Environmental Survey which will include an Animal Health and Garden Produce Testing Program.

3. The Taskforce want a new Government to appoint a dedicated Health Advocate to provide support and resources for residents or former residents who have been diagnosed with or have symptoms of heavy metal poisoning and need to have specialist health assessments and treatment.

4. The Taskforce want a new Government to provide long term emergency relief housing to enable residents diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning to evacuate from their properties to safe environments.

5. The Taskforce want a new Government to reform the Contaminated Sites Legislation to include provisions for innocent landowners and to list properties at: 12 and 14 Murchison Street, Rosebery and 40 Clemons Street, Rosebery on the Contaminated Sites Register.

We need a new Government that prioritises peoples’ health before money” said Kay Seltitzas.
Kay Seltitzas, Isla MacGregor Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce

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  1. sonia vant

    February 4, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    i think these people need to change there address they moved from rosebery some time ago but still have rosebery as there address when they are in the media …. isnt that an affence not changing your address within a certain time .

  2. Red Bob

    January 31, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Somehow I can’t see Labor strategists losing sleep over this one.

    In fact, it may be a vote winner to go to Rosebery and tell the locals you will have the claims investigated and the results made public to clear up one way or another whether the town has been contaminated. Sorry, that’s exactly what they are doing.

    Interesting the `Taskforce’ wants the new Government to provide long term emergency housing for heavy metal poisoning `victims’ and `provisions for innocent landowners’.

    I guess this would come after it has been conclusively established that they are indeed victims of heavy metal poisoning caused by contamination of their properties – neither of which has been proven at this stage.

  3. salamander

    January 31, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I hope all your aims are achieved, but even just the enforcement of that phrase “new government” will do – not a re-hashed version of an old, tired, uninterested government!

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