John Hawkins’ estimate of the abilities of Tasmanian politicians in the lead-up to the March election. First in the dock: Graeme Sturges

BRAIN snap Sturges provides the classic example of a union promoting an executive into politics, thereby enabling a postman to become a politician in a Labor elected Government, which due to lack of talent and elected numbers gives him access to a Ministry.

However well-intentioned the man, he has proved himself to be not up to the job and completely out of his depth.

Sturges is a serial creator of infrastructure disasters, a collapsed railway system, the marooned Flinders Islanders, quad axle semi trailers on pot holed or dirt roads, all culminating in his failure to apply for the Federal Infrastructure Grants on behalf of the State of Tasmania.

I ask, should we give this man a job?

In the next Parliament the people of Tasmania whatever their political persuasion must elect people of some competence.

In the real world outside politics Sturges’ behaviour would suggest that he is completely unemployable.