Greetings all. Some of you may have heard of the ‘Ride for Hope’ proposal as a rally to help finance the replication of the Choir of Hard Knocks here in Hobart. We are called the Choir of High Hopes Hobart Inc and if you have a new Sthn phone book you will find us on the cover.
My name is Jim Playsted and for my sins I was asked to take an interim chair role for the Choir last year after a colleague who had steered them through incorperation was diagnosed with stomach cancer and could not continue. My initial exposure to COHH was the Salvo’s Sleep Out night at the Chancellor in the dead of Winter.
I’ve helped with a kids foundation for many years but nothing prepared me for this experience. COHH is the real thing and to take part is to confront the downside of so many lives – albeit on the way back from somewhere pretty grim but willing to re engage. ‘Rebuilding lives through song’ is the quote you will see on our letter head and that’s what happens. In just over 2 years 170 people have emerged from the shadows and taken the brave step to make themselves know and to want to belong to something again.
Needless to say the band of workers who run this are all very special people.
The group you see on the phone book are about 50 of them prepared to sing publicly. Slowly we are learning how to provide for the needs of choir members while also seeking to make a semi commercial venture out of it to ensure we pay our own way as much as we reasonably can and above all else remain financially sound to ensure longevity .
Thanks for reading all this if you have hung in so far!
Ride for Hope proposal
Here’s the reason for our requesting your support by bringing members on the inaugural ‘Ride for Hope’. The founders of the original Choir of Hard Knocks of TV fame are RecLink, a Melbourne based organisation who are seeking replication of this means of rehab via the arts or sport around Australia. This year we will end our seed funding of $20K per year to help us establish. We don’t want to be dependent on too many others and by the progress we are making will able to earn about half what it costs to run a group of this size from performances, plus the odd sponsor or Govt grant but a ‘one off’ annual fund raiser replacing the RecLink $20K will do 3 things.
1. It will cause the choir to show endeavour and gain the confidence of the community as the members seek to help themselves by performing for the Ride for Hope concert
2. It will give the community an opportunity to demonstrate caring for those less fortunate than most of us, but who are also willing to try and help themselves.
3. And, it will ensure our volunteers have maximum time for their customers instead of lying awake at night wondering where the next $2 might be found
As a motorcyclist myself I could not help thinking ‘we can do that’. And so the idea was born with support from Lord Mayor Rob Valentine who is himself a motorcyclist and great COHH supporter.
Since this may be the first you have heard about the proposed event – I reckon this is enough writing for now. The plan is 1,000 bikes @ $20/bike tax deductible. Elwick is booked for Feb 21st – see the flyer attached.
Preview Feb 2d
Please respond by call or email and for those who can – the COHH turn up at Scotts Church hall 29 Bathurst St in Hobart every Tuesday. Volunteers feed them after which they sing. Next Tuesday Feb 2d is first day back after our Xmas break but at 3.00pm for those who can, we will stage a 20 minute mini concert so you can hear them for yourself, see with your own eyes the benefit of this work and have a quick chat about the Ride for Hope. For those who can’t make it we will be there again the following and every Tues at 1.30pm for the rest of 2010.
Thanks for reading our story. Please take a look at the attachments and let me know if you can help us with a successful launch of the very first ‘Ride for Hope’.
Do please send this on to others. We have gained the blessing of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council for the ‘Ride for Hope’ but I have no way of knowing what that means for coverage of clubs, hence this email broadcast. The quote I most use is from the founder of the Choir of Hard Knocks – a quiet bloke from Melbourne called Peter Cullen. “Jim” he said – “Governments are full of agencies to stop people from drowning, but nobody teaches them how to swim”.
Jim Playsted

Deputy Chair

Choir of High Hopes – Hobart Inc.
Jim Playsted
Jim Playsted