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Rene’s smashing idea


THE Tasmanian Liberals have made car crushing an election issue, promising to empower courts to order hoon vehicle destruction.

Opposition police spokesman Rene Hidding said that under the Liberal policy, courts would have discretionary powers for crushing vehicles, as an “educative” measure to improve road safety.

The State Government has baulked at the radical move, but Police Minister Jim Cox revealed new statistics that show that since driveway wheel clamping was introduced six weeks ago, police have clamped 62 vehicles around Tasmania: 10 in the Eastern District, 17 in the North, 26 in the South and nine in the Western District.

Mr Cox said there was already provision for the courts to permanently confiscate vehicles of repeat offenders in Tasmania.

Greens infrastructure spokesman Tim Morris dubbed the Liberal plan “extremely wasteful” and said it would serve no practical purpose.

“If we are to confiscate the vehicles driven by recidivist hoons, we should sell them and use the revenue for road safety initiatives,” Mr Morris said.

Dave Groves

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  1. Pete Godfrey

    January 27, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    What a bloody waste of good cars. Just give them to someone who can’t afford a car, it will hurt the hoons more to know that someone else is driving their car.
    I can see Rene’s election adds now.

    VOTE 1 Rene Hidding (friend of Sims Metal) or should it read

    Vote 1 Only Kidding

  2. Russell

    January 25, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Real smart, Hidding. Here comes an increase in stolen vehicles.

    Why don’t you take their licence from them instead? Or give them somewhere to be hoons safely?

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