Media Release
Sunday January 17th 2010


“Legal inequality and discrimination are neither ethical nor sustainable.”
– Rodney Croome

Gay activists have dismissed claims by the public officer of the new, Tasmanian, pro-environment Ethics and Sustainability Party, Kathleen Petrovsky, that same-sex marriage is “radical” and “trendy”, and they want a meeting with Dr Petrovsky to discuss the issue.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said that same-sex marriage has widespread public support.

“According to opinion polls, same-sex marriage has the support of 60% of Australians, not to mention support from Tasmanian Labor Party state conference and numerous large Australian corporations and unions – it is anything but “radical”, Mr Croome said.

“We will be seeking a meeting with Dr Petrovsky so we can make the point that legal inequality and discrimination are neither ethical nor sustainable.”

In today’s Sunday Tasmanian Dr Petrovsky said, “we feel there are some people who see the Greens as too radical”. After labelling the Greens’ same-sex marriage policy “radical” and “trendy”, Dr Petrovsky said “we don’t believe in changing society and its rules. We believe in the mother, father, children kind of nuclear family. I’m not into gay marriage. I keep telling them (the Greens) to get rid of some of those policies.”

Mr Croome called on Dr Petrovsky to state her party’s positions on other issues such as same-sex parents raising children, and financial and workplace entitlements for same-sex partners.

“I’m sure the young voters Dr Petrovsky says she wants to appeal to will be interested in exactly how deep her party’s prejudices run.”

A national Galaxy Poll conducted in June last year found that 60% of Australians believe same-sex partners should be able to marry, with support highest among young voters. In July last year the Tasmanian Labor Party state conference overwhelmingly endorsed same-sex marriage. Organisations that recognise the same-sex marriages of their employees include Telstra, Westpac, ANZ and the MUA. During the Christmas / New Year period, same-sex marriages were supported by governments in traditionally-conservative Portugal, Mexico and Argentina.

The Tasmanian state election is expected to be held on March 20th this year.

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