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Fire alert farce

I wrote about the TFS website crashing.

So it happened again.

The temperatures soared, the wind picked up and faster than you’d expect, we were surrounded by a thick fog of smoke, unable to see the hills.

As the smoke got thicker, the butterflies in my stomach grew and I brought up the Tas Fire Service (TFS) website to find out where the fires were.



So it happened again.


I was one of the many people who tried to log on to the Tas Fire website.

O.K., problems happen and I knew that there was a telephone number that one could call. It was not emergency, I merely wanted to know how close the fire was to where we live.

Well, then began a most frustrating time. I looked up Fire in the telephone directory which told me to ‘see Tasmania Fire Service’ so I looked that up where it told me to refer to Tasmania Fire Service!

Eventually, and now I can’t remember how, I found the 1800 number only to be given I think 5 options, call 000 if an emergency and other than that it referred me to their website or to wait until the next business day for help!!!!!!!!!

At this stage we couldn’t even see across the road.

We did realise that the fire was not very close to us as we could see no glow in the sky but nevertheless we wanted to know its location so we knew whether to keep the radio on [and that is enough to drive one to drink] but eventually I managed to log on only to find that there was no fire anywhere near here on the website when it was patently obvious that there was.

Of course technology can fail and no one is to blame but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a manned telephone when that happens?

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