The Greens today welcomed federal funding to help King Island develop its plans to switch to 100% renewable power.

“Congratulations to all those in the King Island community and beyond who have helped make this exciting renewable energy plan a reality,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

“King Island rightly has a reputation for being clean, green and clever, and this welcome funding should help the island leave polluting fossil fuels behind altogether, demonstrating to the rest of Australia how 100% renewably-powered grids can work.

“I was very pleased to see what is being done with King Island’s power when I visited recently, and encouraged everyone to get behind the push to go 100% renewable. I’m delighted that real progress is being made.

“Between wind power, solar power, biodiesel and innovative electricity storage systems, King Island can go 100% renewable, and this welcome funding can help make it a reality.

“It is ironic that all of Tasmania except the Bass Strait Islands had 100% renewable power before the short-sighted and tragic decision to pursue BassLink that made Tasmania an importer of Victoria’s dirty brown coal.

“Now King Island is leading the way back again.

“It is also ironic that the Rudd Government is still focussing on renewable energy at the margins, when huge progress can be made in shifting the whole country to clean, jobs-rich and pollution free power.”

Senator Christine Milne | Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Climate Change Spokesperson
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Senator Christine Milne