To all the Tamar Valley residents waking up to what should have been a beautiful spring day, (I’m not certain, but I think) you have Josef Chromy to thank for this morning’s smoke covered haze.

From our place in Hillwod it appears the smoke is coming from his blocks of land between Hillwood and Swan Bay. For the past 18 months or so there has been gradual logging going on and in the past month or so it appears that larger scale clearing has been taking place. Apparently the plan is for a 500 lot subdivision and marina, but perhaps someone from LCC can find out what is going on ie whether a proposal has been forwarded to the Council?

While it is great that backyard burns are banned in Launceston city what about the council do something about the greater Launceston area and stop these kind of burns that affect the entire valley and will by this afternoon most probably be in Launceston.

Anyway thanks Joe (or whoever lit the fire) for ruining our daughter’s birthday party – hardly think the girls will be outside much, and making my hayfever much worse!
Bev Ernst