The Tasmanian Greens today said that tomorrow’s Celebrate Tasmania day is a perfect opportunity for Tasmania to adopt an official State Colour.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that most Tasmanians would assume that dark green is Tasmania’s official colour, but in fact Tasmania has none.

“I reckon if you asked ten Tasmanians what our state colour is, nine of them would say dark green. It’s time that it was made official,” Mr McKim said.

“Symbols and emblems are important to a state’s identity, and bring people together. Official recognition of the dark green that our cricket and AFL teams run out in would be would be great celebration of our state’s history and identity.”

“Green and gold are officially the national colours of Australia, and in 2003 maroon was proclaimed Queensland’s official State Colour. Let’s claim dark green for Tasmania now.”

“Perhaps it could be called ‘forest green’ in homage to one of our state’s most beautiful natural assets.”

“Forest green is not only our main sporting colour, but is indisputably the predominant colour of our beautiful island,” Mr McKim said.
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader