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TASCOSS polling

Today’s TASCOSS polling confirms what the State Opposition has been saying – Labor simply isn’t running the State properly.

Two of the most important responsibilities of any State Government are to run our hospitals properly, and to ensure our children get a proper education.

Labor has been so distracted with scandals and internal division that is has failed at both.

After 11 long years of Labor, the fact is, our hospital waiting lists have gotten longer, not shorter.

Trust in our education system has fallen. Firstly with the ELS debacle and now the failing Tasmania Tomorrow changes, our kids have been subjected to 11 years of Labor experiments on our education system.

A Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver better health results by building a new generation Royal Hobart Hospital on the existing site, investing $8 million in the Mersey Hospital, and utilising extra capacity in the private sector to cut hospital waiting lists.

And we’ll raise education standards by halting the failing Tasmania Tomorrow experiment, which is delivering worse, not better, educational outcomes for our kids.

On March 20, Tasmanians will have a choice between four more years of Labor failure on issues like health and education, or a Hodgman Liberal Government with a vision to make things better, and the plans and policies to achieve it.
Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC Shadow Attorney-General

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  1. R Menzies

    November 29, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    Have no fear with Norske Fog about to leave for sunny New Zealand, that will be the last of the pulp mills in Tasmania. You can thank Rene Hidding, the Graeme Sturgess of the Liberals for this debacle over the mill.
    The biggest problem we have now is New Zealand stripping us of everything they can.Mc Cains, the Poppies and now the paper processor, wait until they take Blundstones (oh they did) and leave us with two growth industries old age pensions and gaming.

  2. Concerned Resident

    November 29, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    The Liberals still passed the Pulp mill AA with the controversial section 11 in it. If the Liberals are so different to Labor, Why did they pass this act and agree with the 20 year license to log native forests and also to agree to extend the expired permit to gunns with no questions asked? If we vote Liberal we will have another 4 years of the same garbage and dictatorship (controlled by the big corporations).

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