The Opposition welcomes the fact that industrial action in our schools has been suspended – but it is not because of anything the Premier has done.

In fact, the Industrial Commission has today dealt David Bartlett a slap in the face by requiring his Department to deal properly and appropriately with teachers adversely affected by him forcing Elizabeth College into his failing Tasmania Tomorrow experiment.

We said at the time that Mr Bartlett announced he was forcing Elizabeth College into Tasmania Tomorrow that he was bullying teachers into joining his failing experiment, and today’s decision has confirmed this.

Teachers will now quite rightly be consulted, informed in writing of decisions made about their future, and given rights of appeal through the proper processes.

David Bartlett needs to take stock of today’s decision and realise that rather than ploughing ahead with his failing education experiment, he should put a moratorium in place, and undertake a full review and proper consultation on what the real solutions are for improving our retention and qualifications are.
Sue Napier MP Shadow Minister for Education