Rail Upgrades and Midland Highway Master Plan Deserve Serious Consideration

The Tasmanian Greens today applauded the work of the Road Safety Action Group (RSAG), following the launch of a series of road safety recommendations from the RSAG on issues such as driver training, the Midland Highway, and driver education.

Greens Infrastructure spokesperson Tim Morris MP said the Greens broadly support the recommendations from the RSAG, especially the development of a master plan for the Midland Highway, and the need for upgraded rail services.

Mr Morris also said that he attended today’s RSAG launch on the Parliament House lawns in Hobart.

“The work of organisations such as the RSAG, which came together following the tragic loss of nine lives in one day on Tasmania’s roads earlier this year, is inspiring and their recommendations should provide food for thought for all Tasmanians concerned about road safety,” said Mr Morris.

“The RSAG recommendations to develop a master plan for the Midland Highway and to upgrade rail services are both good ideas and the Greens believe the Road Safety Taskforce should give both these suggestions the serious consideration that they deserve,” said Mr Morris.
Tim Morris MP Greens Infrastructure spokesperson