A biography of the so-called “Mutton Bird Bishop” Henry Montgomery, and his wife Maud, will be launched this afternoon in Hobart.

Henry Montgomery, whose son Viscount Bernard Montgomery of Alamein defeated Rommel in the Middle East during World War 11, was bishop of Tasmania from 1889-1901.

During that time he regularly left Hobart to care for the remote mining communities of the west coast and the aboriginal people consigned to exile on cape Barren island.

Maud Montgomery personally supervised the “rescue work” of abused women at Hobart’s House of mercy and Hope Cottage in Launceston.

“Montgomery of Tasmania”, written by Dr Robert Withycombe, senior academic associate at Charles Sturt University, and will be launched by the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania John Harrower.

Bishop Harrower describes the book as “a sustained assessment of leadership, engaging gospel and culture”, in the closing decade of the 19th century.

“Montgomery of Tasmania” will be launched at Fullers Bookshop (next door to Chickenfeed in Collins Street) at 2.30pm this afternoon.
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