The Tasmanian Greens today demanded that Premier David Bartlett publicly explain why he decided to appoint Mr Richard McCreadie as interim Police Commissioner despite attempts by the Acting Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions to warn him about potential problems with the appointment.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that it is an astounding lapse of judgement that Mr Bartlett decided to fill the position of Jack Johnson, who was facing criminal charges, with Mr McCreadie, who he knew may face criminal charges.

“Having already stood down a Police Commissioner who was facing criminal charges, Mr Bartlett’s decision to fill the position with someone who may have found himself in the same predicament is Alice in Wonderland stuff, and something that only Mr Bartlett himself can explain.”

“Yesterday’s revelations raise serious doubts about Mr Bartlett’s judgement. The Premier has some serious explaining to do.”

“Acting Commissioner Darren Hine has a deserved reputation not only as an outstanding Acting Commissioner, but also as a strait shooter. It beggars belief that Mr Bartlett and his advisors categorised his concerns as a ‘throw away line’.”

“There is a prima facie case that the Premier has misled Parliament over this matter, at least by omission, and he should issue a public apology, and come clean about exactly what advice people attempted to provide him, why he did not heed it, and why he pursued Mr McCreadie’s appointment.”

Mr McKim said that yesterday’s evidence shows that Mr Bartlett is being ‘gatekept’ by his staff, which may explain why he is so out of touch with the Tasmanian people.

“Mr Bartlett must also give his staff and Departmental advisors riding instructions that all pertinent information is brought to his attention immediately, as the Tasmanian community deserve to be reassured that significant government decisions are being made based upon the best information available, not on sanitised advice.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader