Bartlett Must Accept Responsibility
The Tasmanian Greens today criticised Premier David Bartlett for trying to avoid the very real and serious questions that have emerged over why he persisted in appointing Mr Richard McCreadie as interim Police Commissioner despite attempts by the Acting Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions to warn him about potential problems with the appointment.

Acting Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said that if David Bartlett was genuine in his commitment to openness and transparency in government, he would stop trying to deflect responsibility, and instead front up and explain why he allowed his advisors to keep pertinent information from him until it was too late.

“The Greens have serious concerns that there is a prima facie case that the Premier has misled Parliament over this matter, and it is unacceptable for him to continue to try and deny the public with a full and frank explanation,” Mr Booth said.

“David Bartlett must stop with the weasel words and instead front up, accept responsibility, explain exactly why he did not heed Acting Police Commissioner Darren Hine’s prior warnings and advice to speak to the DPP, and why urgent pone calls from the DPP were ignored until after the announcement had been made in Parliament.”

“It is an astounding lapse of judgement that Mr Bartlett decided to fill the position of Jack Johnson, who was facing criminal charges, with Mr McCreadie, after he had been alerted that Mr McCreadie may also face criminal charges.

“Having already stood down a Police Commissioner who was facing criminal charges, it beggars belief that Mr Bartlett could think that it was a sensible option to try and fill the position with someone who may have found himself in the same predicament.”

“We also need to know if and when Cabinet were informed of the attempts of both the Acting Police Commissioner and the DPP to warn the Premier and the Premier’s advisors.”

“Lets face it. If those warnings had been heeded, then none of this ugly mess would have occurred.”

“If Mr Bartlett is thinking that this will all blow over, then he is demonstrating once again the poor judgement that has marked this saga from beginning to end,” Mr Booth said.
Kim Booth MP Acting Greens Leader