I find it extremely concerning that the Crawford Report identifies that not enough Australian schools have compulsory and daily physical education in their curriculum.

Under former Education Minister, Paula Wriedt, all primary schools in Tasmania were supposed to have compulsory daily physical activity in and high schools were supposed to offer two hours of physical education in high schools.

A recent survey undertaken showed that whilst some schools meet this requirement, there is a big difference between offering, and students actually participating.

One would like to think that all schools realise the importance of all children, whether in high school or primary school, participating in a strong physical education program.

At the time, the Tasmanian Liberals argued that it wasn’t good enough to just offer physical education in high schools and that all students should be encouraged to participate in some form of physical education or sport.

Failure to provide quality physical education in the school curriculum sends all the wrong messages about the importance of adopting a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, it has been sometime since the French demonstrated that many children learn much better in schools that offer daily quality physical activity programs.
Sue Napier MP Shadow Minister for Education