Launch of Bob Brown’s new book, Earth, at Fullers Bookshop, Thursday, November 12 at 6pm.

Cassy O’Connor, Tasmanian Greens MP for Denison will introduce Peter Hay.

Peter Hay is a well known Tasmanian poet, academic and environmentalist. He is one of Tasmania’s most important writers and thinkers.

Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania and Leader of the Australian Greens Party, has recently won the Australian Peace Prize and has been a member of parliament in the state and federal spheres for more than 20 years.

Earth is a meditation about the slow erosion of the earth due to the unrelenting
march of materialism.

The book is a call to action –a 500 word essay with photos – speaking of the pressing need to take responsibility for past and present abuses of the planet.

Bob self-published a short illustrated history of Recherche Bay in 2005 and was the author of the memoir Memo for a Saner World in 2004. His photographic work has been exhibited in galleries in Tasmania, Canberra and Melbourne.

Bob will be available for interview. There will be photo opportunities.

Everyone is welcome to attend this free event.