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“Once again, it has been made clear that there is very little support for canal estate developments in Tasmania”, said Save Ralphs Bay spokeswoman Jane MacDonald.

In a unanimous vote in the Tasmanian Parliament on Wednesday, the Liberals, Labor and Greens voted to send the Greens’ Coastal Protection (Ban Canal Estate Development) Bill 2009 to the Joint House Committee on Environment, Resources and Development for detailed examination.

“The advantage of this is that the Committee can continue its work during the months before the state election, and members of all three major parties will have the opportunity to look into the problems associated with canal estates and the reasons behind the NSW and Victorian bans”, said Ms.

Founding Save Ralphs Bay member Cassy O’Connor MHA opened the debate on her Coastal Protection (Ban Canal Estate Development) Bill 2009. Support soon followed from both Liberal and Labor MHA’s.

“Intuitively, I don’t think canal estates fit with Tasmania or its image”, said Liberal Sue Napier MHA. “The Liberal party is in favour of development, but not at any cost.” Mrs. Napier said she agreed it was important to deal with these matters and that it was unfortunate the Tasmanian community has been waiting 4 or 5 years for the revised State Coastal Policy.

David Llewellyn MHA also suggested the State Coastal Policy could take the matter of canal estate developments into account.

Labor’s Ross Butler MHA described canal estate developments as “monstrous”, and having read the Bill, could see no problem with its content.

Lisa Singh MHA referred to the Climate Change Risks to Australia’s Coasts report released this week and said she had serious concerns with developments that would be threatened by sea level rise. She also said, “Some members, even on this side of the House, are not a particular fan of canal estate developments.”

Greens’ leader Nick McKim predicted that the unanimous decision to send the Bill to the committee stage would be, “the first step to a canal estate ban within two years.”

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