“Try and make it a clearer question next time, thanks”

– Doug Parkinson MLC, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council

There is now no doubt that the Premier has misled the Parliament in relation to the McCreadie affair.

The question that I asked today in Question Time could not have been any clearer:

“When did the Premier first receive information that the Director of Public Prosecutions was considering charges against Mr Richard McCreadie?”

It was based upon the Premier’s own answer in Question Time on 22 October last year:

“Due to information that came to me after I had made an announcement of my intention to appoint Mr McCreadie I then asked for formal advice.”

Yet despite having more than 24 hours’ notice, the Premier failed to answer this very simple question, again dissembling with arguments about “formal advice” and introducing a new red-herring: “proper channels”.

If the Premier had not received such information until after he made the announcement, he should have made that clear.

Combined with the Treasurer’s failure to answer other questions about his own knowledge on the matter, today has provided more proof that the Premier has misled the House.
Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC Shadow Attorney General