Answers Needed BEFORE the State Election, Not After
The Tasmanian Greens today accused Deputy Premier Lara Giddings of attempting to discredit a Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry, and of being disingenuous over the possibility that the McCreadie appointment fiasco could be the first matter investigated by the yet to be established Integrity Commission.

Acting Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said that there is nothing preventing Premier David Bartlett from fronting the public and answering all questions now, and also pointed out that if Labor was so keen to have an independent review to clear Mr Bartlett’s name then they could establish a Commission of Inquiry immediately.

“The government is concerned that the Legislative Council intends to analyse and debate the Integrity Commission legislation for as long as that House considers necessary, which could mean that Labor may not be in a position to claim that they have established this body by the time the go to the election, and Lara Giddings statements are designed to rush the Upper House’s debate,” Mr Booth said.

“Labor also thinks that claiming that the David Bartlett’s handling of the McCreadie appointment fiasco could be the first matter examined by the yet to be established Integrity Commission, will help in their campaign to discredit the Legislative Council Parliamentary Committee inquiry as not being independent.”

“This is disingenuous in the extreme as Ms Giddings knows full well that it is a long shot that even should the legislation be passed this session, that the Integrity Commission will be up and running before the March state election.”

“The Tasmanian people deserve frank answers from the Premier and a resolution to this sorry saga, and they deserve that now, not some time after the state election.”

“The only thing preventing the Premier from providing full and frank answers now, is the Premier himself.”

“If David Bartlett and Lara Giddings were genuine about ensuring that there is an independent examination made of the McCreadie appointment saga, then they should immediately request that the Governor establish a Commission of Inquiry, which would not be affected by the Legislative Council’s timeframes, and which could report back before the March election,” Mr Booth said.
Kim Booth MP Acting Greens Leader