Current Facilities are Inadequate, and Appalling
The Tasmanian Greens today called on Infrastructure Minister Graeme Sturges to commit his Department to the reconstruction of public toilets at St Peters Pass on the Midlands Highway and also at Parramatta Creek on the Bass Highway, as both toilets are in very poor condition and neither have any facilities for people with disabilities.

Greens Member for Lyons, Tim Morris MP, said the Disability Action Plan for the Department of Infrastructure commits to providing equal rights and equal access to structures for all Tasmanians, and the complete lack of disabled facilities at the Parramatta Creek and St Peters Pass toilets is obviously breaching this commitment.

Mr Morris also said that the benefits of a good quality accessible public toilet are available for all to see in nearby Campbell Town, where the refurbishment of a previously appalling public toilet started a reinvigoration of the town that is still occurring.

“The toilets at Parramatta Creek and St Peters Pass are in a dreadful condition, neither of them offer wheelchair access which breaches DIER’s disability action plan, and both should be reconstructed as soon as possible,” said Mr Morris.

“Minister Sturges has obviously never been caught short at Parramatta Creek or St Peters Pass. I have, and while it was not a pleasant experience at least I could use the facilities, unlike people living with disabilities who are currently excluded from these co-called public toilets.”

“Since refurbishing their appalling public toilet, the people of Campbell Town have never looked back.”

“The Greens are calling on Minister Sturges to commit his Department to the reconstruction of the public toilets at Parramatta Creek and St Peters Pass, while ensuring that full disability access is provided in both,” said Mr Morris.


“People with a disability have the same rights as other citizens and equal opportunity to participate in the social, cultural, economic and political life of our community and to access the structures, processes and resources to realise these opportunities.”

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Tim Morris MP Greens Member for Lyons