Dear AEU Member

In the AEU elections, my vote for President will be for Leanne Wright.

I would like to tell you why:

1. Our President can only serve for four years (with an election after two years). Leanne has faced really big challenges over the last two years and done a good job. We need to use her experience and skill for the next two years. A change at this stage would not make any sense.

2. In dealing with the Department of Education and the Minister, Leanne has made a real effort to work co-operatively. Their response has been to walk away. Leanne is now uniquely placed to take a really hard line as we deal with our current battles, as well as the coming State and Federal elections.

3. The AEUs organisation and governance needs a major change. For example, in the current AEU elections there are not enough nominations in over ninety percent of categories to require an election. Leanne has initiated a full review of our rules and this needs to be sustained, or our effectiveness as a union will be damaged.

I hope you will support our current President, Leanne Wright in the current AEU elections.

Peter Kearney
AEU Deputy President (North)
Principal, Hagley Farm School

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