Answers Needed to Genuine Public Interest Concerns
The Tasmanian Greens today continued to pressure Premier David Bartlett over his refusal to provide straight answers to the many serious questions surrounding his decision to pursue his intention to appoint Richard McCreadie as Interim Police Commissioner despite attempts to warn him of potential problems with such an appointment.

Acting Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said that the government’s tactic to keep stonewalling these matters of genuine public interest is shabby treatment of the Tasmanian community, and is in fact an admission that the Premier knows that this matter reflects badly on his judgement and decision-making ability.

“There are a litany of unanswered and serious questions surrounding this sorry saga, and the Premier’s tactic of stonewalling and refusing to provide straight answers treats the Parliament and the Tasmanian people with contempt,” Mr Booth said.

“Questions as to why the Premier decided to not take Acting Police Commissioner Darren Hine’s warning seriously, why he did not take Mr Hine’s advice to check with the DPP, and why urgent calls from the DPP were not taken prior to announcing in Parliament of Mr McCreadie’s intended appointment, go to the heart of the Premier’s decision-making processes and capacity, and are clearly in the public interest.”

“Dissembling, and stonewalling is very shabby treatment of the Tasmanian community, and are a desperate tactic that reflects badly on David Bartlett.”

“A real leader would have immediately come forward and issued a frank and comprehensive mea culpa.”

“Instead David Bartlett scurries and hides behind his stone wall.”

“If David Bartlett thinks that this issue is just going to go away, then he is demonstrating the same poor judgement that caused this mess in the first place,” Mr Booth said.
Kim Booth MP Acting Greens Leader