David Bartlett’s tirade against the Australian Technical College today (letters, the Examiner) confirms that he has always wanted this successful model of education to fail.

Rather than being the “ill-conceived political stunt” that Mr Bartlett claimed today, the Technical College it is in fact a successful model which is supported by students, teachers and parents.

In fact, with his Polytechnic idea Mr Barlett is attempting to copy the ATC model, a model which he says is a “political stunt”.

Further, Mr Bartlett’s claim that the pending closure of the college is “not a mess of the State Government’s making” is demonstrably wrong given that in other states ATCs are continuing because the relevant state governments have worked with them, rather than actively against them as Mr Bartlett has.

While Mr Bartlett believes that one size (his) fits all when it comes to education, the Liberals believe in students’ right to choose.

Just ask the 700-plus students already enrolled at Launceston College next year – which is not part of the failing Tasmania Tomorrow experiment.

Tasmania needs a model for education which will keep students learning beyond year 10, and delivers good outcomes – not a failing experiment and an Education Minister and Premier who has actively allowed one of the alternative choices to disappear.
Sue Napier MP Shadow Minister for Education