The evidence to the Legislative Council Select Committee yesterday from Acting Police Commissioner Darren Hine that he had personally told David Bartlett of potential criminal charges Mr Richard McCreadie might face from the Director of Public Prosecutions before the Premier announced Mr McCreadie’s appointment as temporary police commissioner last year calls into direct question Mr Bartlett’s integrity.

Mr Hine’s evidence was supported by Senior Police lawyer Mr Mark Miller and by the DPP, Mr Tim Ellis, SC.

Even the premier’s own chief of staff Terry Field has admitted Mr Hine raised the potential of criminal charges with the Premier at the meeting.

The evidence directly contradicts statements made by David Bartlett to Parliament not just once, but on at least four separate occasions in answers to questions in the House:

“In retrospect, Mr Speaker, yes I would have preferred to have had this advice before I made the announcement.”

(David Bartlett, Hansard, 21 October 2008)

“I am frustrated by this because I have been provided with some but clearly not all of the advice as to why I am unable to proceed with the appointment of Mr McCreadie.”

(David Bartlett, Hansard, 21 October 2008)

“Due to information that came to me after I had made an announcement of my intention to appoint Mr McCreadie I then asked for formal advice.”

(David Bartlett, Hansard, 22 October 2008)

And, most directly and, in the light of the evidence given yesterday, damningly:

“I am not aware of any concerns raised by the DPP before I came into this place and made that announcement.”

(David Bartlett, Hansard, 22 October 2008)

So on at least four documented occasions Mr Bartlett appears to have directly misled the Parliament.
This goes directly to the Premier’s honesty and he must today give a full and frank account of what took place.
Will Hodgman MP Leader of the State Opposition