David Bartlett’s refusal to answer questions surrounding the bungled appointment of Richard McCreadie, and his apparent misleading of Parliament, is sending yet another bad signal to potential investors and Tasmanian businesses.

While Mr Bartlett and his government remained embroiled in political controversy and scandal, they are failing to address the issues which matter to investors and Tasmanian businesses, particularly their bungled water and sewerage changes and the massive land tax hikes.

Ever since the last election – and before – the Government has been increasingly distracted from the business of governing by its own internal problems, and it is time this latest farce ended.

For the sake of Tasmanian business, Mr Bartlett should come clean today and clearly tell Tasmanians when he first learned that the Director of Public Prosecutions was considering charging Mr McCreadie – and if it was before he made the announcement, why he told Parliament the opposite.

The Opposition will continue to pursue Mr Bartlett over this matter. In the Westminster system of government, there is no more serious charge than that of misleading the Parliament.

Former Deputy Premier Steve Kons was forced to resign as Deputy Premier and from his portfolios when he was caught out misleading Parliament. The Premier needs to explain himself before this matter seriously damages investor and business confidence.

Mr Bartlett’s stonewalling and obfuscation will not make the matter go away.
Peter Gutwein MP Shadow Treasurer