PREMIER David Bartlett has taken another battering in the latest Enterprise Marketing and Research Services survey.

The poll, released this afternoon, puts support for Mr Bartlett as Premier at just 28 per cent, down two points on the last survey in August.

In contrast, support for Liberal leader Will Hodgman continues to rise, with 40 per cent naming him as preferred Premier.

Support for Mr Bartlett is lowest in Franklin (24 per cent) and a disastrously low 25 per cent in his own electorate of Denison.

Overall support for Labor remained steady at 28 per cent while the Greens have also remained at 17 per cent.

But the Liberals continued their surge in popularity and are up four points to 37 per cent.

The Government is consistently out of favour across the five electorates but is lowest in Denison (27 per cent) where it is equal with the Greens.

The results follow an abysmal couple of months for the Government including widespread public outrage at water and sewerage bills and increased land tax charges.

The survey of 1000 residents was conducted last week, shortly before the latest allegations that Mr Bartlett misled parliament over the aborted appointment of Richard McCreadie as Police Commissioner.

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