The Tasmanian Greens today pursued their campaign for State Political Donations laws to be introduced, saying that Tasmania was falling out of step with other Labor states, such as Queensland and NSW, which have moved to either cap or ban political donations from developers.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that David Bartlett’s deliberate recalcitrance on the issues has condemned Tasmanians to go to the ballot box next year without knowing who has donated how much money to whom.

“Tasmanians will now remain in the dark about political donations, which is just how Labor likes it,” Mr McKim said.

“If greater transparency over who is donating how much to whom is considered to be in the best interests of the people of Queensland and the people of New South Wales, then surely it is also in the best interests of Tasmanians.”

“Last week New South Wales’ Premier, Nathan Rees, announced that an immediate ban on the NSW Labor party from receiving donations from developers will be implemented, and that his government would also introduce legislation to make that ban apply statewide.”

“Mr Bartlett’s Queensland counterpart, Anna Bligh, has also moved to introduce a state-based $1000 cap on political donations and is also investigating further caps on expenditure on election campaigns and “parallel campaigns” run by unions.”

“The Greens have consistently pointed out that the Premier’s 10-Point Plan to restore faith in Tasmania’s democracy was fatally flawed by Labor’s failure to include state-based political donations, and Tasmania is falling behind other states in this important reform.”

“David Bartlett’s claims of improving transparency and good governance is undermined by his persistent refusal to even acknowledge the need for state based political donations.”

“The Premier has rejected the Tasmanian Joint Select Parliamentary Committee on Ethical Conduct recommendation that a review of the Electoral Act 2004 be conducted to provide for the disclosure of the identity of sponsors of political advertising conducted by persons or organisations other than political parties during election campaigns, and he is also sticking his head in the sand over steps that other States are taking.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader