David Bartlett has failed to address the evidence that he misled Parliament on numerous occasions on the McCreadie appointment debacle.

Yesterday Mr Bartlett claimed that he didn’t mislead Parliament because:

“the quotes he [Mr Hodgman] refers to from Hansard are related to the formal advice I received from the Solicitor General and correspondence from the Director of Public Prosecutions.” (David Bartlett, Media Release, 7th November).

This flimsy defence simply doesn’t stand up.

The evidence given by Acting Police Commissioner Darren Hine on Friday is clear, as is the Hansard record.

Indeed, today, Mr Bartlett has not suggested Mr Hine’s evidence to the Legislative Committee on Friday is wrong.

We now know that Mr Hine told Mr Bartlett that the Director of Public Prosecutions was considering charges against Mr McCreadie before the announcement was made. Yet on at least two occasions Mr Bartlett directly denied to the Parliament any knowledge of this advice prior to the announcement:

“Due to information that came to me after I had made an announcement of my intention to appoint Mr McCreadie I then asked for formal advice.” (David Bartlett, Hansard, 22 October 2008)


“I am not aware of any concerns raised by the DPP before I came into this place and made that announcement.” (David Bartlett, Hansard, 22 October 2008)

The evidence from Hansard is clear. On what we now know, Mr Bartlett has misled the Parliament.
Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC Shadow Attorney-General