Following a disastrous poll result the Premier has backflipped about axing the Australian Technical College
Only last week the Premier labelled the ATC an “ill-conceived political stunt”

The ATC is a highly successful flexible model for education which delivers good outcomes for both industry and students beyond Year 10

Despite David Bartlett’s tirade against the Australian Technical College over the past few weeks – and indeed past few years – the Premier has had a change of heart regarding the future of the highly successful training facility and promised $800,000 to ensure it stays open.

Only last week the Premier labelled the ATC an “ill-conceived political stunt” that would inevitably fail.

The Technical College it is in fact a successful model which is supported by students, teachers, parents and industry.

Mr Bartlett also claimed that the pending closure of the college was “not a mess of the State Government’s making”, which is demonstrably wrong because in other states ATCs are continuing because the relevant state governments have worked with them, rather than actively against them as Mr Bartlett has.

David Bartlett and Labor have been ideologically opposed to the ATC from the start and were prepared to abandon a successful model and force students into one that is clearly struggling – the Tasmanian Polytechnic – until, of course, the Government’s appalling poll result.

This is a classic case of the Premier backflipping for his own political self-interest. He doesn’t care about the effect that his opposition to the College has had on students. If he did, he would have stepped in and worked on a solution some time ago.
Sue Napier MP Shadow Minister for Education