An information evening for Elizabeth College parents and students will be held at the AEU Hobart offices in Patrick Street beginning next Tuesday evening. (10th November).

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The meeting will be the first opportunity for Elizabeth College’s students and parents to obtain information about Tasmania Tomorrow and the potential impact on the students’ education.

The AEU is determined that students and parents should be informed about the major concerns the union has with Tasmania Tomorrow and its potential to undermine student learning as has happened in colleges that have gone into Tasmania Tomorrow this year.

The Union believes that parents have been kept in the dark about the ramifications of Tasmania Tomorrow.

AEU Secondary Colleges President, Greg Brown said: “Parents are astounded that a tiny group, purporting to represent them as a college association, have made critical decisions about entering Tasmania Tomorrow when there are still big problems with its structure and implementation processes. They have never contacted students and parents about what it will mean. There has just been silence from the association for two years on Tasmania Tomorrow. The AEU intends to fill that void.”

“You really have to ask why it a matter of such importance has been kept within such a small unrepresentative group,” Greg Brown said.

One parent said: “The Association says they are representing us but this secretive little group has deliberately kept information from us. Surely the principal has a duty to fully inform parents about a change of this size and what it will mean to our children’s education?

“Sixty percent of teachers said that they did not want to go into Tasmania Tomorrow next year. That means there is a 60% chance that my child might be taught next year by a teacher who has absolutely no confidence in Tasmania Tomorrow and is being coerced into it.”
AEU Secondary Colleges President, Greg Brown