Bartlett’s Choice to Take Heat Out of Issue – or Not
The Tasmanian Greens today challenged the Premier, David Bartlett, to reverse his decision to force Elizabeth College into the Tasmania Tomorrow experiment, citing the latest Australian Education Union (AEU) combined meetings vote which saw 93% of teachers threaten immediate industrial action should the Premier fail to honour his promise to respect the decision of AEU members at that College.

Greens Leader and Education spokesperson Nick McKim MP said that the Premier’s determination to pit teachers against teachers makes a mockery of his purported concern on educational outcomes for students.

“David Bartlett has a crisis on his hands with 89% of unionised teachers voting no confidence in his Tasmania Tomorrow experiment in AEU Stop Work meetings held last week in Ulverstone and Launceston, as well as yesterday’s Hobart meeting,” Mr McKim said.”

“It is also clear from these meetings that the Premier has inflamed the situation with his refusal to honour his commitment to respect the vote of the AEU members at Elizabeth College, with 93% of teachers voting in support of industrial action should the Premier fail to allow Elizabeth College to stay out of Tasmania Tomorrow.”

“David Bartlett is in denial that the reason Tasmania’s unionised teachers are on the brink of strike action is purely due to his decision to force Elizabeth College into Tasmania Tomorrow, contrary to the majority views of the College’s unionised teachers and support staff.”

“The heat could be taken out of this issue simply by the Premier changing his mind over forcing Elizabeth College into Tasmania Tomorrow, and if he was genuine about prioritising the educational outcomes of students he would do so to avoid potential disruption of the examination period.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader