If I’m to understand you correctly Ripsnorter, from behind your own sheltered veil of anonymity, you are accusing me of being, doing or saying something in my student days 35 odd years ago which might now substantiate your allegations about me “spending a lifetime seeking her own sheltered workshop…”

These pathetic uncorroborated allegations against me are in defense of your disagreement with my views on former premier Michael Field’s current campaign to terrify Tasmanian voters into returning the ALP to another 4 dreadful years of mismanagement. Are you trying to intimidate me? How laughably familiar! ALP employees, the bruvvers, luvvers, grinners, spinners, minders and grinders are always threatening people like me. Strap me down, I’m sooooo scared of you and your leg humping tribe of ethically challenged goons! Independent thinking inevitably frightens the sorts of people who won’t survive the truth, let alone the cold hard light of day. It is no secret that I was a wild child in my student days and perhaps I still am, but is it any of your business? I have always spoken my mind, most recently here in my Mercury Sunday Tasmanian columns, national op-eds, opinion pieces and articles published here and abroad. Unlike your own creepy (but nauseatingly familiar Tasmanian ALP style) efforts to intimidate the messenger from under the sheltering cloak of fearful concealment that you’re operating from, I’ve always signed my name to my views.

What you need to ask yourself rather than continuing this unpleasant attack on me personally, is why Tasmanians are so sick of the Labor parliament that we’d accept practically anything in its place? In truth, the alternative of a hung parliament is very enticing. Whomever you are or were back in the bad old days of the Labor Green accord 2 decades ago, its time you woke up to the reality that the world is a very changed place these days.

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